Security Services

What Can Full Armor Do For You?

Our Full Armor security personnel are highly trained to administer a wide range of security services. Perhaps you’re looking for help protecting a commercial business, private entity, or cyber operation. Or, maybe you’re seeking private protection for a public figure or executive. Whatever your security needs we’ve got just the people for the job. Our expert team will develop a customized security program specifically suited to your safety needs.

Armed & Unarmed

We understand that different situations call for different levels of protection. That’s why Full Armor offers both armed and unarmed officers in uniform or plain clothes. We will assess your unique requirements and come up with the best provision for your security needs. Rest assured, you’ll be protected by a team of highly trained and qualified employees all of whom meet state firearm qualifications and are fully licensed to carry.

Commercial Security

From the retail plaza to the convention center. Our security personnel are fully equipped to administer to the security needs of any commercial environment. We understand that every location is different. A hotel will require a different strategy from a healthcare center, for example. We will tailor a bespoke strategy for your unique environment and ensure that your business can carry on running as safely and smoothly as possible.

On Demand & Short Notice

Sometimes an unexpected security issue will require an immediate response. That’s why we’ve developed an on-call security service for such occasions. Whether you’re in need of emergency response support, short-notice access control, or something else entirely, our teams are trained and equipped to deliver effective, fast response security on demand.

Residential Security

We understand how important security is to your neighborhood. Our residential security program is designed to keep residential environments as safe and secure as possible. Tons of neighborhoods have already benefitted from our property walks and patrols. Plus, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we can conduct 24/7 remote monitoring on your neighborhood or residence to save you the expense of hiring an on-site guard.

Courtesy Patrols

Security isn’t static. That’s where our Full Armor patrol service comes in. Our patrol service is designed to provide flexible, mobile security services ideal for routine property checks, incident response, event management, traffic control, and more. Choose from between marked and unmarked vehicles then let our security personnel do what they do best.

Special Events

Our special events security service can be scaled to meet the needs of any public or private event. Whether you’re expecting a crowd of 100, 1000, or 10,000, Full Armor will create a bespoke security strategy to secure your event to the highest standards. No challenge is too large or unusual. We’ve got the tools and experience to deliver safe, secure, and streamlined events without a hitch.

Executive Protection

Seeking trustworthy personal protection for yourself or someone else? No problem. Our Executive Protection program is second to none and offers the highest level of personal security. We ensure that all of our security personnel go through extensive training and background checks to provide you with the best level of protection and customer service. You’ll be able to carry out your normal routine safe in the knowledge that your safety and security is fully taken care of.

Private Investigations

For clients in need of investigative work, Full Armor also operates a full-service Private Investigation Agency. We utilize the latest technologies to carry out extensive investigative work including background checking, financial fraud investigations, missing persons cases, and more. Our clients come to us with a wide range of issues for investigation and our team is 100% committed to getting them the answers they need and deserve.

Cyber Security

With more and more business operations going digital, cyber security is of utmost importance. That’s why we’ve partnered with Racom Business to offer a wide range of cyber security services for our clients. Full Armor clients can now benefit from 24/hour, cross-device, managed security services to protect employee and customer information from malware and cyber-attack.