Work Smarter

We’re constantly striving towards providing better protection for our clients. Today, technology is paving the way for a future rich with advanced security options. Here at Full Armor, our team of experts keep abreast with the latest in technological innovation. That way, we ensure that Full Armor continues to offer more efficient, more effective solutions.

Modern Visitor Management

When it comes to events, visitor management is imperative for a smooth running and secure occasion. Our visitor management software allows us to access entire guest lists remotely from any device. Your appointed security team will always have access to the guest list and be able to verify guest IDs and grant access via mobile directly to any device.

Real-Time Reporting

Incidents happen. What’s important is how we deal with them. With real-time reporting and push notifications, incident reports can be sent and received in real-time and support services can be deployed in record time.

Video Surveillance

A secure home is peace of mind. Support your door security with additional video surveillance. Video surveillance allows us to monitor door activity live. You’ll be able to access your video footage instantly and receive real-time updates.

Cyber Security

We’ve partnered with Racom Business to offer our clients enhanced cyber security solutions. It’s never been more important to secure your devices from malware. With more and more of us working digitally, its essential that we protect our employees and customers from cyber-attack. Our 24/7 managed security service keeps all of your critical operations safe from malicious intrusion.