what we offer

With a wide range of services, Full Armor can serve and protect commercial businesses, high-level executives, events, private entities, cyber operations, and more! Our team can handle all of your security requirements, developing a program to respond and adapt to your safety concerns. 

Male security guard in park

armed & unarmed

Depending on your needs, Full Armor can provide security guards that are either armed or unarmed. Both armed and unarmed officers may be in uniform or plain clothes, depending on situation.
All employees are trained in the use of force, meet state firearm qualifications, and are licensed to carry.

Commercial security

Our security team is equipped to manage and serve commercial environments, whether it be a retail plaza, office complex, hotel, convention center, or healthcare facility.

Our team develops a strategy to identify the weaknesses and important details in your business, so we can best assist you and make your business run as smoothly as possible. 

Safety of private property and modern technology. Safeguard monitoring home security cameras

on demand & short notice

On-call security services are available to meet your needs, whether it be emergency response support, alarm monitoring, access control, or other services, we’re equipped to handle a quick response.

Our state of the art technology allows remote security monitoring, which is a fraction of the cost of hiring an on-site guard. Integrated with two-way audio and guard protocol, we can monitor any property 24/7, even if we don’t have an employee on site.

residential security

Our security team is equipped to manage and serve residential environments, such as neighborhoods and complexes.

We conduct property walks and patrols to ensure everything is running smoothly, sending over daily color coded reports in order to let you know exactly what is going on in your area. 


Courtesy patrols

Patrol Services are available in a variety of different ways, which include, but are not limited to, routine property checks, security risk reporting, onsite incident response services, traffic control, gate entry and exit control, and more. 

With both marked and unmarked vehicles, we can provide any form of mobile service your business may need. 

virtual security

Virtual security services combine the benefits of technology and a physical guard presence. With a cloud based video intelligence system, our threat detection can analyze real-time video streams from any commercial security camera.

Our system uses computer vision to analyze video feeds for security threats and trespassers. Our virtual security officer can manage door entry, live video monitoring, and full surveillance through CCTV cameras.